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DA - Clear Motivation Indexes Launched

Updated: Dec 19, 2017

DA-Clear Motivation Index [DACMI] and DA-Clear Motivation Index Net [DACMINET] launched by Irrational Capital

December 14, 2017

The DA – Clear Motivation Index and DA - Clear Motivation Index Net are indexes owned exclusively by Irrational Capital and calculated / distributed by Solactive AG.

The Indexes are designed to generate exposure mainly to mid- to large corporations with significant presence in the US. Such indexes constituents are selected based on Irrational Capital’s behavioral analyses of human resources survey responses.

Irrational Capital believes it is able to perceive positive developments in clarity of communication and motivation within an organization. Irrational Capital believes such developments, when not perceived by the equity market, lead to excess returns.

Click to access DA - Clear Motivation Index

Click to access DA - Clear Motivation Index