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Dan Ariely Featured as The Davos of Human Capital 2020 Keynote Speaker

“We should consider for a moment that changing behavior is the same as launching a space rocket.”

Professor Dan Ariely, 2020 Keynote Speaker

On 19 November 2020, Duke Corporate Education assembled top business leaders and thinkers for a free two-hour, high impact virtual summit — The Davos of Human Capital: Leadership for a Better World.

"The Covid-19 pandemic is a stark wake-up call for us to challenge the leadership, business and economic practices associated with a dehumanized way of working. Business has a responsibility to be a force for good — to not only make profits but also make contributions to society.

Our focus must be on creating a better future for our employees, customers, society and the planet. Today, businesses are speaking up in the face of complicated challenges, and leaders everywhere are expected to provide direction on important issues like diversity, equity and inclusion and corporate sustainability. How are CEOs and Human Resources leaders pivoting their approach?"

Watch Dan Ariely's keynote at The Davos of Human Capital 2020 below:

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