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Irrational Capital Launches IBI DA-Model - May 1, 2018.

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Irrational Capital launches IBI DA – Model- a Long Only mutual fund - in the Israeli market - in partnership with I.B.I. Mutual Fund Management (one of Israel’s largest investment banks) on 1 May 2018.

The IBI DA-Model has been crafted using leading, big-data, machine learning techniques to extract behavioral signals from the datasets that are bothrobust and predictive of future performance. Utilizing more than 12 years of data the historical analysis demonstrates substantialexcess returns with minimal unwanted exposure to other strategiesor market factors.

IBI DA – Model– link to Fund on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

- ISIN: IL0051274939.

DACMI– link to the index which underpins IBI DA - Model

- Bloomberg ticker: DACMI.

About Irrational Capital:

Dan Ariely, David van Adelsberg and a highly skilled team founded Irrational Capital on a simple concept – human behavior directly impacts company performance. Although an intuitive concept, identifying and quantifying which human behaviors and motivations are directly correlated to excess market returns has remained elusive - until now.

Irrational Capital has brought together experts across a wide range of disciplines including behavioral economics, data science, applied math, quantitative finance, capital markets, business strategy, and operational practices to discover statistically significant links between human behavior and excess market returns.

About I.B.I. Mutual Fund Management:

IBI is one of the largest independent investment houses in Israel with NIS 40bn in assets under management. Offering a broad range of investment management and trading services from mutual fund, provident fund and advanced training fund management to trading and execution services on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and markets overseas, portfolio management, self-dealing platforms, underwriting, and a range of services for institutional and corporate clients.