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Realizing the Human Capital Factor



Our core mission is to prove that doing the right thing pays by bringing the Human Capital Factor to the world.


The Human Capital Factor applies workplace behavioral science, financial acumen and deep data science to capture the powerful connection between human capital and stock performance. By understanding company culture and intrinsic employee motivation, we are able to transform these insights into high-returning investment strategies for our partners.


We are the first firm to quantitatively capture the lift that strong corporate culture has on a company’s stock price in an investable way. By uncovering the capital in human capital, we help create investment options that prove definitively that doing the right thing pays.


Of all the investments companies make, creating a strong culture is one of the best ways to create value. This is why employee behavior and motivation is such an important predictor of stock market performance.

–Dan Ariely

Behavioral Economist

Co-Founder, Irrational Capital



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