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Placing Big Bets on Human Capital: Dan Ariely on Bloomberg’s Odd Lots Podcast

“Think about Microsoft as an example. Microsoft changed CEOs and had an amazing transformation. And if you look at that transformation, it was largely a cultural transformation and largely the transformation of how people looked at themselves and how management looked at the employees...and, as you know, it's been very successful.”

In the latest Bloomberg Odd Lots podcast, Dan Ariely joins hosts Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway to analyze weird economic patterns, complex financial issues and the newest market crazes.

The episode can be found here:

Joe and Tracy kick off the 47 minute podcast by discussing what people really mean by the “S” in ESG before welcoming Dan to take a deep dive on employee motivation, corporate culture and financial performance in a post-COVID world. In this fast-paced discussion, Dan, Joe, and Tracy converge on a wide range of topics including:

  • Dan’s thoughts on pandemic-era corporate culture after studying the performance of over 1,400 companies during 2020

  • The unexpected similarities between high-tech knowledge workers and San Quentin prisoners

  • The psychological barriers around returning to a physical office (and how to help colleagues overcome them)

  • Why “check the box” equality measures can fall flat when the company doesn’t actually care about equality

We loved hearing Dan explore these topics and think that you will, too. As always, we appreciate your support as we continue to quantify the link between employee motivation and company stock performance.

Irrationally yours,

Dan, David, and the IC Team

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