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Announcing HAPI ETF, Powered by the Human Capital Factor

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc.'s Corporate Culture #ETF (HAPI), powered by Irrational Capital 's proprietary #HumanCapitalFactor!

As a follow-up to Harbor's Corporate Culture Leaders ETF (HAPY), HAPI’s unique strategy is designed for socially conscious investors who are passionate about human capital investing.

“We’re delighted to expand our partnership with the team at Harbor Capital to deliver further evidence that doing the right thing pays and is strongly linked to future investment performance. Our work has clearly proven that corporate culture and employee motivation are deeply connected with financial performance.”, shared Irrational Capital's Co-Founder Dan Ariely.

For more, visit the media links below:

Please reach out to Katie Daniel, Chief of Staff, Irrational Capital with any inquiries.

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