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Irrational Capital and the Human Capital Factor Featured in Institutional Investor

In light of the recent JP Morgan x Irrational Capital research, renowned financial publication Institutional Investor recently took a deep dive into the Human Capital Factor. Of particular interest, they note that Irrational Capital represents a “new entrant into the landscape of factor investing” and further highlight the excess returns that JP Morgan found when analyzing our work. The article also touches on the continued importance of culture and motivation in a post-COVID world where remote workforces have become more common.

From the article:

“Covid really emphasized the importance of intrinsic motivation,” Ariely told Institutional Investor. Companies have grown to be more dependent on self-driven employees than ever, and those with high HCF scores could have an edge on their competitors, he added.”

You can find the entire article here: For a Good Investment – Find a Company that Understands its Employees.

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