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Irrational Capital Shares Insights on CIBC Podcast

Dan Ariely drops in on the CIBC podcast to share insights on how Human Capital is an investable factor.

We hope this update finds you healthy and safe as we come to the end of a uniquely challenging year.

The past nine months have shown, once again, that the relationship between employees and employers deeply impacts performance and that this effect is even more profound during difficult times. We've been diving deeply in our data to further quantify this connection and to bring the Human Capital Factor to the market in an investable form.

In a continuing effort to share our insights on culture, motivation and performance, Dan recently discussed the Human Capital Factor with our partners at CIBC in a podcast entitled "Investing in the future of intangibles: the value of human capital and the CIBC Human Capital Index." Listen below:

You can also find a link the podcast here:

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