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VettaFi: Harbor ETFs Returns Worth Noting in January 2023

Elle Caruso of VettaFi writes, "Thematic equity fund HAPY is built around the “Human Capital Factor,” a distinctive investment factor developed by subadvisor Irrational Capital. The Human Capital Factor seeks to enable a strong, systematic assessment of a company’s corporate culture and its link to potential future equity performance. As of December 2022, Irrational Capital’s full dataset includes both public and proprietary sources, covering over 2,200 public firms, and 10 million employee responses totaling 500 million data points, according to Harbor."

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Lucy Brewster, reports that Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc. US Large Cap ETF (ticker: HAPI), based on Irrational Capital 's Human Capital Factor, rose 12.3% in the first quarter of 2024, beating


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